Lead From The Bottom

What does it take to successfully scale a practice―to turn your small business into a middle-sized or even larger one?

InLead from the Bottom, Dr. Kyle Bogan shares his story of successfully scaling his practice by instilling a “team-first” approach and creating a different kind of culture in which the leader actually gets down in the trenches and leads alongside the team.

Culture is nothing less than the missing rung on the ladder to scalable success. In Lead from the Bottom, Dr. Kyle Bogan delves into why and how to build that rung, to complete the ladder that will let your business climb to the next level and, in turn, that lets your employees, your patients or clients, and you experience exponential benefits as well.

He teaches you the process to achieve that goal―to create a team of leaders whom you can safely empower with decision-making, so you’ll have the time to invest working on your business, not just in your business. You’ll learn how to avoid the deadly habit of micromanaging, how to inspire your team, and how to set and share the mission, vision, and values that will support your thriving culture.

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